About Me


Ag More Than Ever is an industry-driven cause made up of hundreds of partners and thousands of agvocates from across the country, all committed to improving perceptions, dispelling myths and creating positive dialogue about Canadian ag. We provide resources and a forum for agvocates to tell the real, positive story of Canadian ag.

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So our industry can reach its full potential and attract the people, investment and consumer confidence needed for future success. We’ve all heard negative misconceptions about what happens in our industry – who better to speak to them than the people who live the true story every day? All of us in ag have the power and the responsibility to change perceptions. We’re here to help you be an agvocate and share your optimism in effective and engaging ways.

Agvocate? What’s that?

To us, an agvocate is an individual or group that actively promotes agriculture. Agvocates focus on the positive side of ag and use facts and personal experiences to tell the industry’s story in respectful and meaningful ways, both formally and informally.